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Nov 10, 2012 11:00pm EST
even adjusting for the state of the economy those receiving food stamps it is that an all-time high. to another that we'll companies are not monopoly's controlled by a few but an important source of wealth and income for millions of average americans. whether clear markets coming tax notes or testified before congress she it is a powerful and detective voice. as you will agree after her talk. diana furchtgott-roth holds degrees from oxford university and were spurred college. she also served on the staff of the domestic policy council under george hw bush and his staff economist for the council of economic appraisers during the reagan administration. she it is also chief economist for of the department of labor and the author of women's figures the guide to economic progress. please join me to welcome senior fellow diana furchtgott-roth. [applause] >> thank you very much for that kind introduction. i am grateful you could be doing so many other things today but here you are listening to me talk about green jobs and there fallacy. i'd like to thank the manhattan institute for organiz
Nov 10, 2012 4:45pm EST
national defence, history, the u.s. economy. a television series based on winklevoss is currently in development as well. we are pleased to welcome juan williams to hear about his newest book, winklevoss which in this case will be from 1898 -- winklevoss -- a patriot's history of the modern world. >> thanks so much to heritage foundation for inviting me here. it is an honor and one i wish my daughter was alive to see. heritage is one of those bastions of liberty in a sea of collectivism. you probably didn't know you are getting somebody here that was the previous rock drummer. this later became significant as a learning experience when i began working on this film but all along my experiences in the rock band were pretty informative. i tell my students i know all about communism because i was in a rock band. we shared everything, has nothing and starving. when mike allen and i wrote a patriot's history of the united states in 2004 we identified three major elements that made up americanism. nevertheless we never provided a definition of american exceptionalism and tearing the revi
Nov 10, 2012 5:30pm EST
.s. that is the way the economy affects our lives and the way the economy gets into our very bodies. it is a book about my arrival in the winter of 1997 when i was broke. i was also broken. and i was on drugs. i was in mexico city where i had gone under a book contract from new york. i got an advance from a new york publisher to write a book. it was a dream come true. in mexico city, by november of 1997, i had crossed the deadline and i didn't have a word written. and i was broke. and i called the only friend i could count on at that time. my lifestyle ruined a lot of friendships. and i said, aria, help me, porfavor. there are a whole lot of circumstances. how did she wind up in the desert? welcome everybody has a story of how they got there. she said we will take care of you, we will give you a place to live. shortly thereafter, i arrived in the desert, and one of the first things that i saw when i rented my little shack out in the sand next to a sign that said the next service is 100 miles, the town east of joshua tree, i felt driven to go further out. she and her friends were right at the edge
Nov 11, 2012 10:00pm EST
-market economy. these may seem synonymous, but they are not. as hernando desoto pointed out in many places of the world is a semblance of a free economy at work, but there's no system of title deeds to land or their property. this has two significant effects. first it means property ownership is never secure. you can never be sure government will come around and grab what should have. second it means individuals with deeds and titles can use their land as collateral for business loans. this in turn elicit growth. in 1898, the united states had all four of these pillars. rittenhouse three, was focuses in common law. france germany and most european states had three, the son saw the religious character already beginning to fade. around the world in africa, asia, latin america committee states at common law and property rights retitle and deeds. america first came to prominence after the spanish-american war ended in 1898. for the first time it's argued largely by leftist historians, and the u.s. acquired an empire with cuba and the philippines. if this were only revealed the deep differences
Nov 10, 2012 8:30pm EST
failed firms managed to keep for themselves mean that once the economy returns to a semblance of health come incentives, incentives to take uneconomic risks may be even greater than before. opening constructive dialogue on these issues will not be easy, given the current atmosphere in washington but would seem well worth the effort. thank you. [applause] >> the thanks, tom. alex would like to offer a few comments. >> the thanks very much to mark and cato for giving me the opportunity to comment on tom's very interesting and very useful book. i say that as a practicing banking executive. overbearing ceo. i was a ceo for about 14 years and i wonder if i was overbearing? surely not. tom, in his book, sites frank knight risk -- and i consider tom seem to be how to address the reality stated thus by knight, uncertainty is one of the fundamental facts of life. it is ineradicable from business decisions. one interpreter expanded on this a little bit. he said, as knight says most business decisions especially strategic ones are there varying degrees steps into the unknown. each of the possibl
Nov 11, 2012 10:15am EST
of 2008 which made commodity prices higher and depressed economies even more. even such things as the wikileaks, and the the lifestyle while the rest of the population is suffering, and the syrian regime didn't understand the new circumstances and reacted in the way that the outside, both father and son, react when there's a mess. they clamp down on it. a convulsive push button response that isn't given a heck of a lot of response in terms of what to do. everyone was saying, let's implement large-scale significant political reforms along a pluralist model, that was not given too much consideration in the beginning. >> so you had very high hopes for the young leader, and actually he and his wife formed this alliance and the profile they showed to the west was modernist, pro west, ready for change. you had a lot of hope and that changed. where did that hope come from and how did it change? >> i wrote a book in 2005, published by the same praise, called the new lion of dam do -- damascus, and i thought this might be a new leader that would change the system. he was different. didn't have the
Nov 11, 2012 2:00pm EST
and a pension plan and all of that is vanished. though we have thruster working class into the sector economy, low-wage economy, households. not only do people tend to work in the working class more than one job, but almost everybody in the house is working in order to keep afloat. that has been a devastating change. i think the rise of the christian right, as i argue an american fascist scum is directly linked to this despair because these economic dislocations spring with the distractions of communities, destruction of families, substance abuse, domestic abuse, other problems when families break down. people retreat from the reality-based world, which almost destroys them, almost has to strengthen into a non-reality based belief system and all totalitarian system or non-reality-based. a world of magic, historical inevitability, it would report god intervenes their behalf and the only way to bring these people back into a reality-based world is to bring franchise than within the economy. i think this is something we saw, that it was despair and all the great writers on totalitarianism, karl
Nov 12, 2012 6:30am EST
economy into the third world. what actually happened when we get the workforce that work force was the biggest productivity boom in american economic history. i know the liabilities of claiming credit for inventing the internet but we pretty much did. the standardized tests that were the basis of the nation at risk report were wrong about my generation. it turns out we had learned some things in school that didn't show up in the tests and the best theory i heard of why that doesn't get measured is we have this rich extracurricular environment in our schools, not just debate and student journalism but basketball and football where kids learn competition, team work, problem solving, and in civics education there is no better way to learn government and threw things like junior statesmen and united nation. other than actually going to city hall in changing the law yourself. and extracurriculars that reagan were a magnet to address the problem of truancy and dropping out. so we quickly cover, is that a measurable thing we should be investing in through policy? any specific ideas? i
Nov 10, 2012 1:15pm EST
argument for gay marriage. at 11:00 p.m. eastern, how green jobs policies are damaging america's economy. tamara 2:00 p.m. watch the 2012 american book awards. this is the 30 third annual awards show presented by the before columbus foundation and it was held at the university of california berkeley. tomorrow the miami book fair international kicks off in florida and we will take you live there at 6:00 p.m. eastern to hear tom wolfe, author of back to blood. booktv will be live next weekend for more of the festival. those are just a few of the programs we will bring you this weekend. visit for complete schedule. >> here's a look at some books being published this week. bill haas surprise when another request president jefferson's political process and thomas jefferson, the art of power. in the patriarch, the remarkable like and turbulent times of joseph kennedy, david nasa chronicles the life and career of the political dynasty. judge andrew napolitano, senior political analyst for fox news argues presidents theodore roosevelt and woodrow wilson disregarded the constitution to
Nov 11, 2012 4:45pm EST
things. it went from one of the most impoverished countries to attend was economy in 60 years. it's incredible. like it would just as a compass, korean-americans have accomplished. north. is part of career that never got the freedom. it's all this. they're still stuck in that place. i think that we have a special responsibility to try to fix it. when he first came after a few months of being in china and the taken to address restore committees the things you don't think about. and i don't know if he remembers this, his jaw dropped only get to the aisle. rows and rows of yogurt in cereal and 50 packs of each one. it is amazing how much we have here. he had his first strawberry. to explain what a strawberry is and what she needed was an amazing experience. we take into the soup. they had a diorama of dinosaurs. i have some less difficulty explain to him what a dinosaur was when there is no context for a dinosaur. visa things that i just, you know, illustrations and and it does, but you take that level of education in isolation , you can imagine a nation that is crippled, not to ment
Nov 10, 2012 12:00pm EST
policies are damaging america's economy. then tomorrow marks the 200 twenty-third book awards. booktv will be live next weekend for more of the festival. those are just a few of the programs we will bring you this weekend. visit for a complete schedule. >> i would like to talk to you about my book toy. i want to begin by telling you my strong story. when you do research in south carolina and you are asked what you're interested in writing about, then you tell them strom thurmond, you can't mention it without somebody who has a story about him, the time he did something crazy or whatever. my story about strom thurmond is in late july 1992. i am on a flight from washington dc to charlotte, north carolina. and i have been an intern that summer on capitol hill. one of my regrets of the summer was that i had never seen strom thurmond. all my intern said, you have to see strom thurmond. he is such an unusual character and has such an unusual appearance about him. i didn't know what they meant, but i have my suspicions. so i look ahead in front of me and i see a man who has thes
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11